Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vodka Infused Gummi Bear Update #2

So, I decided to eat some of my tasty gummi bears the other night and here's what happened.

I ate 14 gummi bears.

In my defense, they had been sitting in a vodka/juice concoction and were sort of slimy. They tasted fine, though I didn't eat enough to feel any effects of the alcohol *sadface*

I think if I ate enough gummi bears to feel a buzz I would also be sick from eating too many gummi bears.

In order to compensate for this utter failure I did the responsible thing and just drank some vodka. With orange pop, I'm not a Russian. Then I took my girlfriend and my puppy and went to my friend's party and drank some more vodka (free vodka, the best kind).

Final conclusion: Vodka Infused Gummi Bears are a fun, tasty snack for when one is drinking, but they aren't enough by themselves.

I would still recommend them, especially is you are throwing a party, or just because they are fun to make.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vodka Infused Gummi Bear Update #1.5

Sorry I haven't updated you all about the Vodka Gummis! It's been a pretty hectic week, very busy, and not many nights I can afford to be drunk.

I'll hopefully post something Monday, since I plan on eating most of the gummis tomorrow night. Maybe I'll post right after I eat them!

Either way, I expect it to be a lot of fun, and an innovative way to drink.

For the record, I used 2 6.5oz tubs of bears, so it's not an incredibly huge amount, and I used pretty crappy vodka, but it is vodka, and I will be ingesting it, so hilarity should ensue.

Check back within a couple days for the update.